Even team building companies have to lean on each other....

Greetings! Mike McKee from Drum Team Collective here….I just made the move to Nashville, TN which is super exciting, but also a little scary….what it means is that I’m trusting my team to handle more and more events while I’m out of town!

So…..we had TWO events back-to-back this week:  one with Cisco and one with Danfoss! Here’s the kicker: two NEW facilitators for each of these events!

But guess what…we all leaned on each other and trusted each other (after a bit of training through the Drum Team Collective training book of course) and the result was TWO FANTASTIC events!

It’s scary leaving your project (in this case the entire event) in the hands of others, but over time  trust and alignment shine through and the workload can be shared by all.

No one person can handle the entire workload alone. It takes a village…or in this case, a team.