How Rock and Roll Team Building® Works

Drum Team Collective: Rock and Roll Team Building® is a refreshing and exciting way to build unity and leadership for your corporate team, organization, or private event. Our 90-minute indoor program will allow your group to experience the exhilarating feeling of drumming with an actual LIVE rock and roll band while promoting communication and team bonding!

Here’s what to expect at your unforgettable
team building event with us:

Drum sets are separated into “stations” for each participant.

A Drum Team Collective™ instructor will explain the role of each instrument and how to play it.

The group will play drum patterns together and a live house band will join to play well-known songs along with your team.

Everyone will be able to rotate to try different percussion instruments.

How does performing
music together bring
out your team’s
inner rockstars?

Playing music together:
Is vulnerable, honest, and exposes strengths and weaknesses
Encourages dynamic verbal and nonverbal  communication
Constantly provides the opportunity for leadership  and collaboration

What does Rock n Roll Team Building Include?

Our standard program includes 90 minutes of focused team building and drumming along to
classic rock, 80’s, pop, country and r&b hits!
Introductions to the band of professional touring musicians
History of the drum kit and the musical role of each element of the drum kit, relating drumming and musical performance to team building and leadership.
Drumming instruction via the DTC Teaching Method™
Communication-building games, exclusive music industry “Q&A”, and tangible takeaways to bond your team
Each participant will experience all the elements of the drum kit, playing along to classic rock and roll songs with a LIVE band!

Your team is ready to rock - are you?

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