Drum Team Collective™ is a refreshing way to build unity and leadership for your corporate team, organization, or private event. Our 90-minute indoor program will allow your group to experience the exhilarating feeling of drumming with an actual LIVE rock and roll band, while promoting communication and team bonding!

Drum sets are separated into “stations” for each participant. A Drum Team Collective™ instructor will explain the role of each instrument and how to play it. The group will play drum patterns together and a live house band will join to plays well-known songs along with your team. Everyone will be able to rotate to try different percussion instruments.

How long is the program and what can I expect during the event?

Standard Program is includes 90 minutes of focused team building and drumming along to Rock, 80’s, Pop , Country and R&B hits as well as various team building activities.

  • Introductions

  • History of the drum kit and the musical role of each element of the drum kit, relating drumming and musical performance to team building and leadership.

  • Drumming instruction via the DTC Teaching Method™

  • Each participant will experience all the elements of the drum kit, playing along to classic rock and roll songs with a LIVE band!


Standard Program

  • Ideal for 5-20 people

  • 1.5 hours in length

  • Event space of approx. 20' x 16' required (not included in program fee)


Sample "Standard Program" Layout

DTC Stageplot 2 New colored.jpg

Song Selection

Want your team to play along with specific songs? Let us know when you book your event, and we can fulfill most musical requests! (Please note an additional fee will apply.)


Some of our clients:

eZy Watermark_04-03-2019_01-38-07PM.JPG

Burt’s Bees rocking out with Drum Team!

Lenovo had a blast rocking out with us!

eZy Watermark_06-03-2019_12-03-09PM.jpg

Underwriters Laboratory’s international team at the Outer Banks of NC!

eZy Watermark_06-03-2019_12-05-45PM.jpg

Su Nica is a wonderful non-profit based out of Raleigh, NC…we had a blast together!

eZy Watermark_06-03-2019_12-02-21PM.jpg

Another great group from Underwriters Laboratory in the beautiful OBX!

We love teachers! What a blast rocking out with the Wake County Public School administrators + faculty!

eZy Watermark_06-03-2019_12-07-27PM.jpg

Rock and Roll Team Building with Red Hat!

Great energy from the sales team at Simlilearn!

Drum Set Karaoke®

If you’d like the DTC experience to be one part of a larger event, we recommend our unique Drum Set Karaoke™ program. This format allows groups of up to 8 people to play along with a live band for 1 song, and has a faster per-group turnaround than our regular team building program. Drum Set Karaoke™ is fun for ALL ages, and is ideal for festivals, cruises, or fairs!


Thank you all for the a wonderful time. Everyone loved the event and felt it was the best team building event they have ever attended!
We appreciate both Drum Team and Imurg. Great people and great venue.

I will definitely recommend both to my co-workers and anyone else looking to do team building or in need of a music venue!
— Galen, Cisco Systems

That was really fun. The team continues to talk about the event even today. Thanks so much for getting this coordinated. I am for sure going to tell the other admins about this wonderful team building event. IT WAS PERFECT!
— Starr, Lenovo Group
Drum Team Collective was the best indoor team building activity I have ever experienced as an event planner. The group was able to catch on quickly, and everyone was surprised at how great they sounded together — the group talked about it for hours afterwards! Thank you!
— Louise Olson, Zest Events INC.
Hands down, one of the most fun experiences I’ve had!! We had a group of 23 and I was amazed at how quickly they were able to get us all to the point of feeling like part of the band! A great way to loosen everyone up and just have some fun together, while realizing the importance of every member of the team!
— Liz Bates, UL LLC