drumming for health

Hit the gym? Or HIT SOME DRUMS??!?!?

We’ve all been at a concert watching the band (in person or on TV) and the person constantly sweating the MOST is the almost always the drummer. But you know who is almost always have the most FUN on stage? The bassist? The singer? No way. Watch any major concert and focus on the drummer: he/she is having a BLAST!

Drumming is not only musically satisfying, but also an amazing physical release, not dissimilar to working out at the gym. The science proves it:

I saw this awesome quote from this site "This is the 'high' that many drummers feel even hours after playing," Asif Kahn, a board-certified internist and avid drummer, wrote in the publication Modern Drummer. "It translates to reducing our systolic and diastolic pressures and also to reducing or smoothing out our heartbeat." Reducing one's blood pressure can benefit heart health, which can reduce the likelihood of heart attacks, strokes and breakdowns in the immune system.

Think about how much YOUR team can benefit from drumming together with a LIVE rock band! That is exactly what Drum Team Collective is all about. What are you waiting for? Skip the gym, and hit some drums.

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-Mike McKee, creative director: Drum Team Collective